The order episode recap

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The order episode recap

A situation arose with Sebastian. He was earlier assigned a security detail to some privileged kid. She asked for an FBI agent and she received Sebastian. Sebastian had to follow Tan as he partied around New Orleans. He even shared a drink with the young man when someone pulled a fire alarm at the club and the two were separated.

Sebastian was fine. Tan, however, was missing and so Sebastian raised the alarm.

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He alerted NOPD so that they could put up security checkpoints and he alerted the FBI in case the situation turned into a ransom demand. In the meantime, Sebastian and his team worked the case as they would normally. She said that there was a group back home that hated her. They were called Thailand First and they believe the country should be run by the military regime.

the order episode recap

She was actually in town to see this business deal to the end. She had to put a hold to the meetings when she found about her son and so that could be one of the reasons why he was missing. The team had to consider it and they also had to consider something Gregorio said. Gregorio mentioned she had a mother that was overseeing most of her life when she was younger. And that meant the team had to suspect that maybe Tan have snuck away on his own accord. The team followed that lead. They looked at security cameras from the nightclub and they saw that Tan had thrown on a hoodie just to break away from his security detail.

He went to a hotel where he met up with a girl and that was the last time he was seen. Making the team believe that he was still at the hotel. Sebastian went there and he ended up finding the girl murdered in the bed. The evidence seems to point to Tan as the murderer. His DNA was the only other one found at the scene and later testing showed that he had been on drugs.

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The combination he had been on could have made him violent. He could have killed his girlfriend in a violent rage and then passed out. There was evidence that he slept in the same bed as the body. Therefore, Tan could have freaked when he woke up. He could have realized what he had done and made a run for it. The team had to investigate it like that. Sebastian knew Tan for a few hours. Tan was the chief suspect in the murder of Claire Roberts.

'Law and Order: SVU' Episode Recap: 'Eternal Relief from Pain'

The team was takin the lead on this one and it was hard to do while the minister at a distance. Minister Benjawan demanded to know everything.Rollins has a troubled family. Her mother is controlling and crazy, and her father is an addict that was never around when she was growing up. And Rollin's sister Kim, well she is a hand full of her own.

It's been three years since the sisters have seen each other and boy things have changed.

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Kim went to jail, living in a shelter, gets a weekly drug test, and has a son. But she failed this past drug test because she still does drugs from when she gave birth and had a c-section.

Kim screwed herself this time. Even though she failed the drug test, she still went out and bought more drugs. But while she was using the drugs, she left her son with a stranger in a pizza place. And of course, Kim overdosed, so child services took her son away.

When Kim was in the hospital, of course, her sister was going to come running to her bedside. However, what Rollins didn't expect to hear what everything that her sister had to say. Kim knew she was in trouble. She knew that it was going to take a lot to get her son back, and that's all she wanted. So when Rollins asked her what do you have to offer, the ADA Kim told her that her doctor has been offering her drugs for sex.

And he's been doing this for years. It does not just Kim either; he does this with a bunch of women. But Benson wanted to Kim's full story because there might be something there. So Benson and Fin went to see Kim in jail to see what she had to saw. It was sicking what that doctor has been doing to women. Kim said after she gave birth, she ran out of pain pills, and someone from the shelter recommended her to this doctor.

Fin did not like the idea of Rollins going alone, so he and Kat came along and waited in the waiting room. Kim was right about the doctor. All Rollins had to do was show the doctor that she was in pain, and agree to have sex with him. The doctor gave himself a shot in his private spot. Well, then Fin and Kat came busting through the door.

So the "good doctor" didn't have time to do anything else. The doctor said that there are more doctors out there that are like him—using painkillers to get sex. So Benson made a deal with him give her a name, and she will try and make things easier on him. So the doctor told Benson about his drug rep and how she goes to different conferences.

At these conferences, doctors have sex with the women to get the free drug. The conference lead Benson to a cocktail party full of doctors and their drug sales rep. But this one was a lot attended by the head of the drug company, who happens to be a good friend of the DA Hadid.

Who, by the way, did not mention to Benson or Kat that she will be attending the cocktail party herself. So that was a big surprise for those two. So when Hadid took the big boss aside motioning and pointing out that there are two undercover cops, you can imagine how Benson and Kat felt. But it was all a setup, Hadid was wearing a wire the whole time and caught everything he said on tape.

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Law and Order: SVU. Mar 1, at am UTC By shirleena cunningham.I am going to miss this crazy new family immensely. Excited for everyone to see it soon on netflix. Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. Its leading man, Jake Morton Jack Manleyseems to die.

the order episode recap

All of the other heroes also seem to die. This speedy resolution forces The Order to create a new obstacle for a prospective season 2. The solution: A mass amnesia plot. As fans in the Refinery29 comments section and on Twitter have shown, the narrative swerve is controversial at best.

However, the signs of such a frustrating double cross were there all along. From the very beginning, The Order goes to great lengths to prove its titular secret society is a seriously cutthroat institution. Remember, when Amir Ajay Friese is murdered in Blue Rose-related scheming, there is no public apology or attempt to kill fewer teenagers.

View this post on Instagram. What reason does she have to allow this armed and heavily-theethed rival faction to continue thriving? During their debrief, Vera suggests her acolyte choose between the Order and the Knights. Jack, a self-styled maverick, declines, convinced his cheeky charm will allow him to coast between both opposing worlds.

He thinks this is the start of their relationship. So, she tearfully does. Randall, Lilith, and Hamish are all hit with the same powder as Jack in broad daylight. At the same time, their clubhouse is raided. But, then you remember four students on a single college campus were afflicted with amnesia at the exact same time. Namely, where can. Absolutely no sex of any kind, and no kissing or sexual touching eit.We start in the midst of chaos.

One more bullet sends the entire vehicle ablaze, taking down Howie with it. Our team is unfortunately dropping like flies.

But why did Andy have to die? Poor, Holly. In the cave, El Cuco growls in anger over the loss of his Renfield. Into the cave we go, following our main two leads, Ralph and Holly. They find skeletal remains of animals, so they know their creature is feeding.

They hear a voice in the dark telling them to hold on to the walls and beware of slippery rocks. They creep forward as their flashlight pierces the darkness. Holly asks what its his? Yelling — and firing a weapon — is going to be a problem in this cave. As the creature walks toward Holly and Ralph, Claude storms in with a shotgun aimed at his mirror image.

He wants to avenge his brother and also take back what Cuco stole from him. He blasts the creature in the chest despite being told not to fire and the ceiling starts collapsing. Ralph and Holly make a run for it, but Claude seems too dazed to move. When the cave settles, Ralph and Holly find Claude pinned beneath a boulder.

A rock pierces its chest; Holly stabs it with a knife to investigate further, but Ralph stops her. As Holly helps Claude out of the cave, Ralph sees dead people… literally. He goes back to the body, but says the beast is playing opossum. Outside, Holly stares at the flaming truck.

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She tells Ralph that Andy only went there because of her. Ralph snaps her out of it. They need to get their story straight in order to make the situation believable to the higher-ups. Holly breaks down talking about Andy during an interview, while Ralph calls Jeannie to fill her in and ask a favor.

Jeannie visits Glory and asks her to not mention shapeshifters or El Cuco when the authorities comes calling; Glory agrees. Jeannie then takes their kitchen chair, the one Cuco touched, and lights it on fire. Better safe, than sorry. The Peterson family may have been completely destroyed, but at least Glory and her girls can finally get some closure.

Holly mentions that Cuco asked why she was so quick to believe it existed. Holly smiles, shrugs and walks out the door. In a mid-credits scene, Holly sees a flash of Jack standing behind her.

Was Holly scratched by El Cuco? Grade the finale and overall series, then tell us your thoughts below! Click here to subscribe.Others, however, might be more casual visitors to the galaxy that George Lucas created, drawn by the hoopla surrounding the film. Anakin falls in love: Although Jedi are forbidden from doing so, a now-grown Anakin falls in love with Padme Amidala, and secretly marries her. Darth Sidious, the Sith lord, inches closer in his plan to assume power, with a clone army now at his disposal.

Anakin turns: The Sith lord Darth Sidious reveals himself, and brings Anakin to the dark side with the promise that he can help save Padme, as he becomes Darth Vader. Padme secretly gives birth to twins, Luke and Leia, who are raised by others to protect them from the Sith, with Darth Sidious having become Emperor and consolidated his power.

Luke meets Yoda, a Jedi master who trains him to become a Jedi, and warns about fear, anger and aggression leading to the dark side. Darth Vader and the Emperor learn of Luke Skywalker, and discuss turning him to the dark side of the Force. Luke battles and defeats Darth Vader, and is on the verge of being killed by the Emperor when Vader intervenes, throwing the Emperor to his death, and redeeming himself.

He seemingly cements that fall by killing his father, before battling Rey in an inconclusive lightsaber duel. Luke Skywalker reluctantly counsels Rey, before eventually sacrificing himself — and becoming one with the Force — in order to help save the Resistance, which is reeling under assault by the First Order. But that assumes that was the truth.

Key events by film. From: Lucasfilm Attack of the Clones.

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The Emperor, a. Darth Sidious, takes control of the galaxy, after wiping out the Jedi. From: Lucasfilm A New Hope. Obi-Wan dies — becoming one with the Force — after a battle with Darth Vader. Luke destroys the Death Star, the ultimate weapon, with the help of Han Solo. Luke learns that Leia is his twin sister. The Death Star is destroyed, and the Empire is overthrown, as the universe celebrates.

From: Lucasfilm The Force Awakens. Rey emerges, an orphan who is strangely powerful with the Force. The Emperor — somehow — is back in the mix. The Resistance seeks to regroup against the First Order.Does it deliver the swords-and-sorcery goods? Follow along with our binge-watch to get the grand, gory details. In a boggy swamp on the vast Continent, battle erupts between a giant spider-like creature known as a kikimora and Geralt of Rivia, who fells the beast by stabbing it through its chin.

With the monster in tow, he travels on his trusty horse Roach to the town of Blaviken, where he receives a less-than-warm welcome from local tavern patrons. As a witcher — created by magic that grants him power but strips him of his emotions — Geralt is viewed as unholy. Nonetheless, a barroom brawl is averted thanks to the intervention of Renfri Emma Appletonwho buys him a beer.

Stregobor wants Geralt to kill this fiend for him. He is your destiny. Later that night beside his campfire, Geralt tells Roach about his maiden monster kill, which involved saving a woman from being sexually violated in front of her father — which the girl thanked him for by puking and passing out.

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Then, she seduces him. As Ciri is spirited away — having heard, to her great shock, that Nilfgaard has besieged her home because they seek her — Geralt awakens from a dream and heeds its prophecy spoken by Renfri to return to the market. In an impressively staged single-shot sequence, Geralt slaughters his adversaries in nasty order. She is your destiny. Fleeing her burning city on horseback, Ciri is abducted by a Nilfgaard soldier with a feather in his helmet. Stregobor is happy to see that Geralt has fulfilled his duty.

There, she meets Istredd Royce Pierresona dashing young sorcerer who warns her that the portal she used will draw the attention of a witch. Upon returning home, Yennefer is visited by Tissaia de Vries MyAnna Buringwho purchases her from her cruel father for a paltry four marks and takes her to Aretuza, an academy for female mages. Alongside four other girls, Yennefer is taught how to organize and control chaos, which is the true secret to magic — which always demands a sacrifice of some sort.

the order episode recap

Before he can kill him, however, Geralt and his companion are captured by Filavandrel Tom Cantonthe former king of the elves. Through a contentious conversation, we learn that the elves once ruled the land but were massacred by the humans in the Great Cleansing, and those that survived now live in exile.

The power of stories and songs to write, and rewrite, history is a guiding thread throughout this episode, which culminates with Yennefer confessing to Istredd that her birth father was an elf. Istredd is more than just an easy mark, though; he too has been acquiring intel on Yennefer for his superior, Stregobor. When the Nilfgaard army attacks the camp, Ciri flees.Account Profile. Sign Out. Robot Mrs. This Is Us.

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the order episode recap

Episode 18 Her. This Is Us Recap: Bend and Snap A series of Randall and Beth flashbacks reveals that the cracks in the foundation of their marriage have been there from the beginning. Oh Jack, you have no idea. Episode 15 The Waiting Room.


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