Gunk carburetor parts cleaner 5 gallon

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Gunk carburetor parts cleaner 5 gallon

Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Previous 1 2 template Next. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. January 11,AM. I mean the stuff that makes your skin tingle after just a couple seconds of exposure.

Be specific. Who makes it? Where do you buy it? Thank you. Tags: None. It was rough and looked like it had been around a while. Cleaned up and looked like new once I was done.

GUNK Carburetor Parts Cleaner

If you can leave two black stripes from the exit of one corner to the braking zone of the next, you have enough horsepower. Comment Post Cancel. One can was plenty to do one carb. I was able to spray it down into the fuel wells enough to make it puddle and sit over night, then rinsed it out the following day - it took care of the dried up remnants of old fuel and the really grungy stuff cleaned up great with just a little brushing from a nylon brush.

I've only been able to find "carb dip" in one gallon cans - not big enough to submerge the main body or throttle plate of a holley - and neither "half" of an edelbrock. I do miss "hydroseal". Berryman's Chem Dip should still be available.

gunk carburetor parts cleaner 5 gallon

That's the stuff that makes you vomit if you open the lid while hungover. Anybody who carries Berryman products should probably be able to order it for you.

gunk carburetor parts cleaner 5 gallon

Expect sticker shock. It will eat a lot of plastics, turn neoprene into rubber fishing worm like goo, puff up gaskets, remove paint, etc. I'd try some nitrile gloves if you have any open cuts. It used to make me cringe when it would get into cuts. I clean it off with kerosene or B I love B12 for quickie rebuild stuff, but this junk is the real deal.

Last edited by Beagle ; January 11,AM. Barry Donovan. Originally posted by Beagle View Post. Previously boxer3main the death rate and fairy tales cannot kill the nature left behind.GUNK Parts Cleaner is a solvent formulated to thoroughly clean metal parts, and remove soil and grime deposits as well as paint and varnish. It is developed from an environmentally responsible formula.

Download SDS. Drip basket is included inside the can. Solvent is great for cleaning metal parts in home, garage or shop Efficiently removes carbon, grease, oil, varnish, paint and grime deposits Product is environmentally friendly and responsible; it is non-corrosive, non-chlorinated, contains no ozone depleters, phenols or cresylics Solvent formulated to thoroughly clean metal parts Removes soil and grime deposits.

Video embed code not specified. Cleaner comes in 96 oz. Included drip basket is perfect for those who prefer a hands-on approach when cleaning small engine parts. Solvent is great for cleaning metal parts in home, garage or shop. Efficiently removes carbon, grease, oil, varnish, paint and grime deposits. Product is environmentally friendly and responsible; it is non-corrosive, non-chlorinated, contains no ozone depleters, phenols or cresylics.

Solvent formulated to thoroughly clean metal parts. Removes soil and grime deposits. Documents Download SDS. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.The Jalopy Journal.

Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Berrymans good, if they still make it.

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Most of the new stuff is weak and basically useless. I've got a seven gallon can of Zep carb cleaner that works well, but again, it's several years old. Probably all you can get now is "environmentally friendly" carb cleaner that works about as well as soaking it in water. Just like they all said About a year ago I rebuilt some carbs for my Dodge. I bought the Napa stuff because we have an account through them at the shop I work at.

I too thought it worked at best ok. I think the problem with the newer stuff is that it has to be 'environmentally friendly.

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One of his co-workers that had been there for 30 years said it was the same can they'd had since the early 70's when he started. Can't imagine all the old Mopar carbs that thing had seen. Guess that's the way to go if you can find some of the old stuff sounds like your best bet Wrong Way. Alienbaby17May 10, As far as a good cleaner you can just dunk and rinse, there are none I have found.

But, after soaking your cab parts for a day or so in the cleaner, take them out and rinse with boiling water. Now, using Castrol "Super Clean" the purple bottle resoak your pieces for another 10 minutes in the bucket or whatever you use to rinse, I use an industrial sink and you will be amazed at how dirty the runoff is, which means you are getting to the core of the junk in the carb pieces.

Don't be afraid to take a brush and scrub the outer areas. Again rinse with boiling or at very least super hot water for about 2 minutes. Use compressed air to blow out all the moisture and any trapped debre, and you have it about as good as it can get.

I have done thousands using this procedure and it does work. Hello All. Berrymans no longer makes the cleaner that burns your skin. Most of today's cleaners will work if you let them soak, rinse and soak again, again. What your doing is removing the build up little by little, that's why you soak and soak.Log in or Join.

Adventure Rider. Is there a preferred carb dip? Carlo MuroApr 24, I have a friend who swears by Berryman's chem dip for cleaning gunked up carbs. I think he even soaks his PC in it when it's running slow. I've got an XRR carb that has been frustrating the crap out of me. I've had it apart and I've sprayed every single orifice with copious amounts of carb cleaner, put in a new float and needle, adjusted the float, etc.

Still problematic. I couldn't find Berryman's at Advance Auto and settled for Gunk dip. I've heard Pine-Sol works well too? Berryman's ChemDip changed formulation several years ago. It now is less volatile i. The Gunk you describe is a similar product, but I think it attacks o-rings.

Dipping carburetors for cleaning is the only way I have had success in cleaning them up. Often there are welch plugs which have tiny orifices plugged with varnish where sprays can't reach.

Submerge the carb for 24 hours but understand that any plastic or o-rings will be ruined. However, all the tiny orifices will be clean and the carb will operate like new once reassembled. Good luck! BoatmanApr 24, PineSol works very well!

gunk carburetor parts cleaner 5 gallon

Used it a few times with success. There is a whole thread on it ADV Sponsors. I didn't have very good luck with Pine Sol.

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I've used POR Marine Clean and that does work well, but it's only a one-use deal so you can't store a bucket of the stuff under the bench for multiple uses. I don't think they sell the good stuff anymore. It was Methyl Chloride with a layer of some type of oil floating on top to keep the fumes down. Carbs came out clean in 30 minutes and get a cold water rinse.Please use the navigational links on your left to explore our website. Gunk Carburetor Cleaner in Can with Basket.

gunk carburetor parts cleaner 5 gallon

Just bought a gallon can of Gunk Carburetor Cleaner. It has the basket with it that you place the parts in. I'm going to use it to clean my 2N carb. I'm thinking its clogged somewhere as it doesn't seem to keep running unless you give it some choke. Have tried adjusting both the idle and high speed jet but have not got it to run right. Anything I need to watch out for or not put in the carburetor cleaner?

Has anyone used this product, if so how did it work. What would you recommend to use for cleaning a carb. Anyone that is sucker in that applying choke nails a wreak spark problem lives in a make believe world Theirs no prof that a Walker kit is any better than a YT kit The formula of berrymens says plastic and rubber is Ok???

But I remember having issues with both. Removes gum, varnish, sludge, carbon, and grease without heat or agitation. Non-chlorinated and nonflammable formula is VOC-compliant in all states. Safe on plastic and rubber and will not cause rusting. Use for cleaning carburetor and transmission components, valves, and other small, hard-to-clean engine parts.

Unless it something new I have not seen I have never seen a carb cleaner that would harm aluminum, I have soaked every carb I have ever ran into and seen ton's of aluminum transmission cases, heads and other engine parts cleaned in 55 gal drums of carb cleaner Plastics are the only parts I have ever had any issues with If they make a carb cleaner that will harm aluminum I want some were do you get it I soaked it over night and cleaned the carb as old described.

However I replaced the jets so I can't say if they were damaged by the soak. Quoting Removed, click Modern View to see Some of the cheap carb kits may have odd size replacement jets too. What method would you recommend for cleaning the carb.

What brand of carb cleaner would you use, spray or dunk?

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Or would you use a home brew cleaning solution. Thanks, Bill. My self I use a carb cleaner called Berrymans Chem dip. I sock the disassembled carb over night then blow it off then use spray carb cleaner like the house brand at O'Reilly's then use the torch tip cleaner tool to poke into each and every passage way.

The reason I always say O'Reilly's it that is the only place I have in town that is half way good. We have one other auto parts store and that is Auto Zone but those guys do not have a clue.

Before you attack that carb be sure you have a good spark. Many times what people think is a carb problem is, in fact a spark problems and a weak spark can cause you to us the choke to make it run. If you do in fact open up the carb be sure you have the carb kit on hand like the Walker Brand O'Reilly's sells.

The kits you buy at places like TSC are cheap and lack info. Also buy a touch tip cleaner tool and use it to poke out all the passage ways and a couple cans of spray carb cleaner. When I do a carb I do not try to remove any of the jets because in doing so most of the time you end up damaging them.

Quoting Removed, click Modern View to see Gunk brand carb cleaner is what I used way back in the day when I was wrenching on cars and trucks. Just disassembled the carb and put ALL of the parts in the cleaner.Do not spill on painted surface. Keep container tightly sealed between uses. Directions: Remove all rubber and plastic parts. Submerge parts to be cleaned in Chem-Dip and allow them to soak for 15 to 30 minutes. Remove parts and rinse with water. For exceptionally carboned or corroded parts, allow longer soak time; some brushing may be necessary.

Rinse with water. Do not soak coated aluminum parts over 4 hours. For best results and longer, cleaner life, remove loose dirt and excess grease, etc. I used this on a VW carburetor. After taking it apart and removing gaskets and o rings, I placed it in the dip. After one day, I took it out and washed them with cold water and found the carburetor appeared as though it was brand new.

Only need a little wipe down. Good Stuff that works. After checking out Walmart's website to confirm the pricing, I ordered it online and picked it up at my local store. Good pricing and a convenient way to get what I needed! I must add that the parts cleaner with its dipping basket worked great and my tiller in now running like new with its rebuilt carburetor! I actually tried this product on gun parts to clean them, and was very impressed. Cant get gas piston parts clean? Try this! Let soak in supplied basket for an hour and literally wipe off deposits with a shop towel.

Harder deposits may require overnight soak, but it WILL eventually get even the toughest junk off! Great Stuff--My generator would stall out under load. Soaked carburetor for 2 hrs and it runs great. This is a great product to clean pistons with no effort.

If you find it lower anywhere else, buy it! Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments. If you need immediate assistance, please contact Customer Care. Your feedback helps us make Walmart shopping better for millions of customers.

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Berryman Chem-Dip (5 Gallon)

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GUNK Parts Cleaner with Dip Basket

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